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Make Sure your FRP Rods are Approved for Pontoon Use

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Not all composite products are created equal, and not all FRP rods are suitable for use in the construction of pontoons.   The FRP pontoon approved Thru-Rod from Pultron Composites is a highly specialized product. It was developed by Pultron … Continue reading

Korean Marina Builder, CKIPM, Shares Views About Growth of Marina Industry in South Korea

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Marina Development in South Korea Incredible surroundings, increased economic wealth, and a safe and secure social environment make South Korea an intriguing market for the boating and marina industries. During the last decade, a great deal of effort has been … Continue reading

Dock Systems for an Emerging Market: human powered watercraft

If you spend much time at all around the water you’ve likely noticed an increase in the popularity of human powered watercraft – these include row boats, paddle boats, pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, surf skis, standup paddleboards, rowing shells or … Continue reading

Let’s Get Technical about Freeboard and Live Load Capacity

If you work in the marina industry it is important to understand the difference between freeboard and live load capacity and how the two affect the stability and use of a floating dock. Freeboard, in simple terms, is the height … Continue reading

A Look Back at 2012 in the Marina Industry

The passing of time is inevitable; another year has come and gone and we are now well into 2013. For the marina industry, 2012 continued a steady march forward toward greater innovation, higher customization and a stronger push for value. … Continue reading

Telescoping Pile: an innovation in marina dock design

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Use of telescoping pile in floating concrete marina design was first conceived by Bellingham Marine in 2006 during the design of a 150 meter long floating wave attenuator for the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron at Kirribilli near Sydney, Australia. Since … Continue reading

What Does the Typical Boater Want in a Marina?

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Bellingham Marine interviews a group of average boaters to see what they look for in a marina. Megayachts may be among the fastest growing segments of the boating world but ownership of mid-sized boats still trumps the market.  Statistics published … Continue reading

Bellingham Marine – Best of 2011

At the end of each year it’s nice to look back and reminisce about all that took place that year.  Time goes by like a blur and after a couple months it’s often hard to recall all that was actually … Continue reading

Green Labels: tips for marinas looking to purchase green products

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We are entering an era where green and environmentally friendly products and practices are more in demand than ever before.  Nowhere is this truer than in the marina industry.  Marinas operate in some of the world’s most sensitive habitats and … Continue reading

Blogging for Marina Design

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To describe Marina Design as a simple process would be a lie, but it’s not magic. There are quite a few simple things you can do for yourself to ensure that the design of your marina is optimized for your market and … Continue reading