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ISO Certification

Bellingham Marine is proud to be an ISO registered company with a strong foundation that benefits the health of our company as well as that of our customers.

In a recent focus group, participants were asked how they would choose between similarly capable marina companies when it came to purchasing a new dock system. What would be most important to you? For the participants, quality was the number one determiner followed by value.

Although the group shared a number of strategies they would use to determine the level of quality, some insight into a company’s commitment to quality can gained by seeing if they are quality certified.

For those who want the best value and highest level of quality from their suppliers, an ISO Registered Manufacturer is a good place to start. The program’s independent registrar audit can be a key discriminator of a company’s commitment to quality and action.

ISO stands for the International Standards Organization; there is no other organization with the exception of the Precast Institute that offers the same level of quality assurance for the end user. The organization’s quality management system (ISO 9001), is the only Q.C. program that focuses on the processes of the entire company and ultimately the customer. In contrast, the emphasis with other quality programs is placed solely on the product.

Top performing companies such as DELL, HP, Intel, Cisco and many others recognize the unmatched benefits of ISO’s Quality Management System. The system’s structure and control standards with a focus on customer satisfaction and continual improvement offer the best return for the business as well as customers.

ISO registration demonstrates the highest level of quality assurance and credibility. Annually audited by an independent, impartial registrar, companies holding an ISO registration are subject to rigorous quality management system standards, strict demands for process improvement and routine audits. Claims backed by numerous studies credit ISO registration with improved efficiency, reduced cost, higher quality output and stronger company health. This all translates to real savings and added value that is able to pass along to the customers.

By developing a robust quality management system and mapping its processes, a company can identify and eliminate waste and non-value added steps. This is passed along to the customer in cost savings as well as on-time delivery and superior product quality.

Through rigorous supplier control, a quality certified company is able to ensure that products and services provided by suppliers meet strict standards. This allows them to guarantee that the quality of the raw materials in their products meet the same level of quality as their finished product.

At the heart of all ISO programs is the end user. By complying with ISO standard requirements, an ISO certified company stays focused on customer satisfaction and the assurance that customer requirements are clearly defined and met. This commitment ensures all products and services meet contract commitments in the most efficient way.

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