Marina Fires – Reduce Risk, Minimize Damage

Marina Fire

A sturdy concrete dock system can give firefighters a safe platform from which to fight a marina fire.

A recent survey asked marina operators what kept them up at night.  A common response mixed with the stresses of managing the day to day operations was fire.  The concern was elevated in the off-season with boats left unattended and heaters running, but the reality is, the risk of a fire is always present.

The question is what can you do to reduce the risk of fire at your marina?

To reduce your risk of fire you must place your focus on preventive maintenance and staff and boater education.  You need to work towards building a community that understands the benefits associated with practicing routine maintenance and proper use of equipment and has a common goal of keeping the marina safe.  The more eyes you can train to spot potential hazards the safer your facility will be.

The truly unfortunate side of fires in the home or the marina is that many are preventable.  The simple truth is that with proper maintenance of electrical equipment many of the fires that cause millions of dollars in damage each year could be avoided.

So now you’ve done everything within your control to minimize your exposure to fire but at 1:15 in the morning you get that dreaded call, a fire has broken out at your marina. What are some things that will help minimize damage and the spread of fire in your marina?

The most important thing is to have a comprehensive plan in place.  It should address everything from what to do the moment a fire is identified to clean up and contacting tenants.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that your marina will never fall victim to a fire but if you take the steps to minimize your risk and limit your exposure to damage you should be able to sleep better at night knowing you’ve done all that you can do and that your boaters are looking out for the well-being of the marina as well.

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