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Bahia Mar Yachting Center

In 2010, Bahia Mar received the Jack Nichol Award for Marina Design Excellence

To describe Marina Design as a simple process would be a lie, but it’s not magic. There are quite a few simple things you can do for yourself to ensure that the design of your marina is optimized for your market and your expected return.

One of the most important things you can do is team up early on with an experienced marina design consultant and construction company.  They will help you avoid common pitfalls and will help establish a realistic masterplan for the site.  Look for companies that have a long history in the market and a proven track record.  Your strongest team will be one that is led by a single firm that has a rich network of marina professionals.

Another is, talk to boaters – owners, captains, crew, and anyone else who has visited a number of different marinas.  It may sound like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how under utilized boaters are when it comes to marina design.  In 2007, Bellingham Marine put together a focus group of yacht captains and crew members to hear what they had to say about marina design.  This was the first time anyone in the industry had really sat down and listened to what boat owners appreciate in a marina.  The process led to a better understanding of the level and types of amenities they look for.  It also provided great insight about the type dock systems they prefer.

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