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Case Study: Vancouver’s Newest Marina – Milltown Marina

Canada’s newest marina, Milltown Marina, sits on the outskirts of downtown Vancouver, B.C. in a well-protected basin on the North Arm of the Frasier River.  The marina’s story is not that different from other Greenfield projects, and it’s actually the … Continue reading

Let’s Get Technical about Freeboard and Live Load Capacity

If you work in the marina industry it is important to understand the difference between freeboard and live load capacity and how the two affect the stability and use of a floating dock. Freeboard, in simple terms, is the height … Continue reading

Custom Dock Systems for Private Boat Owners

Over the past 20 years we’ve seen a major advancement in the marina industry from off the shelf dock systems to custom engineered designs that are suited for a specific site and its users.  This shift has taken a little … Continue reading

Maximize the Value of your Marina Project

Posted on by RComstock

Marina construction projects are a costly endeavor, and at the end of the day all marina owners and developers want the same thing – they want to know they’ve received the best value for their money.  They want a marina … Continue reading

What Does the Typical Boater Want in a Marina?

Posted on by RComstock

Bellingham Marine interviews a group of average boaters to see what they look for in a marina. Megayachts may be among the fastest growing segments of the boating world but ownership of mid-sized boats still trumps the market.  Statistics published … Continue reading

Marina Fires – Reduce Risk, Minimize Damage

A recent survey asked marina operators what kept them up at night.  A common response mixed with the stresses of managing the day to day operations was fire.  The concern was elevated in the off-season with boats left unattended and … Continue reading

Bellingham Marine – Best of 2011

At the end of each year it’s nice to look back and reminisce about all that took place that year.  Time goes by like a blur and after a couple months it’s often hard to recall all that was actually … Continue reading

A Rebuild can Offer an Opportunity to Reconfigure your Marina

Posted on by RComstock

North Harbour, a city owned marina in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada recently completed a rebuild and reconfiguration project that effectively increased the marina’s moorage space by 19% from 7,943 feet of chargeable moorage space to 9,500 feet. The goal … Continue reading

Blogging for Marina Design

Posted on by admin

To describe Marina Design as a simple process would be a lie, but it’s not magic. There are quite a few simple things you can do for yourself to ensure that the design of your marina is optimized for your market and … Continue reading

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