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Coffs Harbour Marina Reopens After Storm Leaves Marina in Tatters

Posted on by RComstock

Thanks to an amazing team effort, Coffs Harbour International Marina expects to be back to full operating capacity this month. The marina suffered substantial damage when an east coast low passed over the region in June. Wild surf conditions caused … Continue reading

5 Fast Facts About Solar Powered Lighting

For small facilities where the logistic of bringing electricity to the dock isn’t feasible there is good news, your options for solar powered lights are improving. But don’t get your hopes up for running an entire marina’s lighting needs on … Continue reading

How to Create a Successful Future for your Marina

Planning for the long-term growth and financial success of your marina means predicting the future. This includes anticipating and budgeting for future investments in your marina’s infrastructure. Have you given much thought about what it will cost to replace the … Continue reading

Make Sure your FRP Rods are Approved for Pontoon Use

Posted on by RComstock

Not all composite products are created equal, and not all FRP rods are suitable for use in the construction of pontoons.   The FRP pontoon approved Thru-Rod from Pultron Composites is a highly specialized product. It was developed by Pultron … Continue reading

Marina Fires: Critical factors for minimizing loss

Posted on by RComstock

No marina is immune from the possibility of a fire. The risk of fire is just as real for a high-end megayacht marina as it is for a small, modest one. The key for marinas is to minimize their exposure … Continue reading

Case Study: Vancouver’s Newest Marina – Milltown Marina

Canada’s newest marina, Milltown Marina, sits on the outskirts of downtown Vancouver, B.C. in a well-protected basin on the North Arm of the Frasier River.  The marina’s story is not that different from other Greenfield projects, and it’s actually the … Continue reading

Should you Require your Dock Builder to be Bonded

Posted on by RComstock

Embarking on a major renovation of your marina or starting the process of building a new facility is filled with a variety of risks. Maximizing your opportunities to limit those risks will help ensure the successful completion of your project. … Continue reading

Use of Treated Wood Products in the Construction of Floating Dock Systems

There are many hazards that threaten our natural resources and careful management of human activities is essential.  However, sustainable management carries with it a responsibility to segregate real from perceived threats and to focus our energy on the real hazards.  … Continue reading

HDPE Pile Sleeves can Add to the Longevity of your Floating Dock Marina

Posted on by RComstock

The quest to find longer lasting, lower maintenance building materials is endless, especially in the marina industry where salty seas, ice, extended exposure to sun, and relentless wave action are strong contenders in the battle of man versus nature.  Constant … Continue reading

Understanding the Decking Options for your Timber Dock

Posted on by RComstock

Although numerous alternatives have become available since the early twentieth century when timber docks dominated the market, they remain a preferred choice for some, especially along certain seaboards.  For some the natural warmth and aesthetic qualities of timber along with … Continue reading

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