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Use of Treated Wood Products in the Construction of Floating Dock Systems

There are many hazards that threaten our natural resources and careful management of human activities is essential.  However, sustainable management carries with it a responsibility to segregate real from perceived threats and to focus our energy on the real hazards.  … Continue reading

Custom Dock Systems for Private Boat Owners

Over the past 20 years we’ve seen a major advancement in the marina industry from off the shelf dock systems to custom engineered designs that are suited for a specific site and its users.  This shift has taken a little … Continue reading

Plan Ahead for Your Marina’s Future Funding Needs

Posted on by RComstock

The topic of replacement cost is a subject I wrote on several years ago; however, I think it’s an important topic for marina owners and one worth revisiting.  Whether you’ve recently completed a total rebuild of your marina or are … Continue reading